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网上赌博平台:Invesco Great Wall quantifies new power: Investment mainline gradually clear Focus on Baima Blue Chip and Prime Growth stocks

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内容摘要: Affected by multiple factors in overseas markets, the A-share market has been repeatedly adjusted since February, especially the strong per...

Affected by multiple factors in overseas markets, the A-share market has been repeatedly adjusted since February, especially the strong performance of the Baima blue-chips in the past year. However, as the listed company's annual reports, quarterly reports are successively disclosed, and A shares are included in the countdown to the MSCI Emerging Markets Index, the next major investment line in the market is gradually clear.

In , King Shun Great Wall Quantum New Energy Fund Manager Li Haiwei believes that although the market style is switched, stable blue chip stocks and white horse growth stocks with competitive advantages are still receiving market attention. In the long run, long-term yields of companies that are truly competitive and relatively inexpensive are able to outperform the market index.


Choice shows that as of May 4, 3487 listed companies have disclosed their 2017 annual reports, and 3,503 companies have disclosed quarterly reports for 2018. According to the disclosure result, GF Securities analyzed that the “2018 A-share earnings will gradually exceed expectations” judgment is being confirmed, maintaining that “supply shrinkage under normal conditions will support A-share earnings will show high resilience” View.

In terms of funding, North Korea’s funds have also accelerated the pace of “sweeping goods” recently and prepared ahead of time for A shares to be included in the MSCI Emerging Market Index. According to statistics, the Shanghai-Hong Kong Stock Connect and Shenzhen-Hong Kong Stock Connect Fund’s net inflows in April accounted for a net inflow of 386.5 billion yuan, which was significantly higher than the 2.63 billion yuan in February and March and 9.713 billion yuan.

It is understood that the 235 A-shares to be included in the MSCI index are mostly large-cap stocks, which are concentrated in the financial, pharmaceutical, biological, real estate and other sectors, and these sectors have also become a focus of investment in many institutions. Huatai Securities believe that with the increasingly balanced market structure and the gradual increase in foreign capital penetration, the market may start a tug of war in May.

In the quarterly report of the fund, Li Haiwei stated that although the current market theme is active, the overall view of the market will remain neutral in the next 3 to 6 months, and it will continue to favor industry leading companies with competitive advantages, strong profitability and reasonable valuations. Fund positions remain relatively high and maintain ample liquidity. In terms of industry configuration, he mainly likes food and beverages . Industries such as pharmaceuticals, home appliances, industrial automation, building materials, and automobiles have long benefited from supply-side structural reforms, industrial innovations, and consumption upgrades.

Looking forward to the second quarter, Li Haiwei judged that the A-share index may be dominated by volatility and lacked a large trend, but it does not rule out the possibility of a gradual upswing after the related risk events gradually subsided. From a style point of view, valuations and relatively balanced growth of mid-cap stocks and leading players in the sub-sectors are still worth the wait. The portfolio will still maintain a balance between value and growth. In the stock market fluctuations, bottom-up stock picking will be the main force, and efforts will be made to obtain excess returns.





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